The NLS E-Sport, created on 08/11/2022, began life on Discord, with two founders under the pseudonym: Alexis Gombert and Zorzo.

December 2022

The structure officially opens its doors on all social networks with the aim of setting up its Fortnite hub with a team of 5 players, which will be reduced to 3 players at the end of January following decisions taken at the start of the year to develop the structure.

January 2023

The structure decided to open its doors to 2 new hubs: Rocket League and Valorant. Committed and motivated from the outset, the NLS recruited 5 players for the Rocket League division, with one objective from the outset: to replace a team that withdrew from a cup comprising 32 teams from GC1 to GC3. The aim was to award a cashprize of 100 euros to the winning team or structure. The NLS had to take part, which enabled us to quickly make a name for ourselves in the industry, even if the players were only at C1 rank.

February 2023

Meeting of the project's founders and co-founders to discuss progress since the opening of the NLS. We mainly talked about everything that's been done in 2022.

  • The creation of 3 Fortnite maps: BF; BXF; Zone Wars.
  • Progress on the development of the Discord server.
  • Twitch affiliation obtained.
  • Remuneration for our video editors.
  • The creation of the 1901 law papers.
  • The opening of an online store.
  • The creation of our own jerseys.
  • Our financial expenses for 2022 (around 250€).

Participation in the Honary Winter Cup, an unforeseen event following a team leave, and given the opening of the Rocket League division we played with rank D3 to C1 players against rank GC3 players. An additional experience that's already starting to get us talked about.

March 2023

Official opening of our first Apex Legends tournament, with a 60 euro cash prize. 20 teams of 3 players will prove their level during 6 Apex games, which will take place on 24/03/2023 from 9 p.m. to midnight (French time).

  • 3 games on world edge maps
  • 3 games on maps storm point

April 2023

Opening of the NLS jerseys and sleeves online store.

Not much choice for this first store, but more shirts to come.

Participation in the interleague, twice remaining in league 2 we were not proud of many of our matches, despite many victories.

May 2023

Closing of our competitive fortnite hub.

Announcement of the participation of our Valorant team at the LAN in Lyon, without any date of communication we are waiting.

Creation of our google site with a much more developed referencing of our google page: here.


June 2023

The first real month that the NLS has been under the 1901 law, a big step forward for this structure which only began on November 8, 2022.

July 2023

Registration for Urban Series VI in Paris on September 09 and 10.

August 2023

Big break for NLS on vacation.

Preparing to take part in urban series Editions VI

September 2023

It's time for the Urban Series Editions VI in Paris.

The first LAN for the NLS, with many more to come by 2024.

October 2023

Year-end preparations.

A big project is being prepared for the end of 2024, and we're starting to work on marketing, sponsorship, investors and advertising.

The NLS wants to go to the next level and show everyone what this team is capable of.